Workshop on Epistemic Game Theory: Celebrating 10 Years of EPICENTER

July 18, 2022, at Maastricht University

Immediately before the workshop, from July 4 to July 16, there will be a course on epistemic game theory at Maastricht University. For more information about the course, please click here.

Program:  The program for the workshop can be downloaded here.

Lunch and dinner: During the lunch break there will be sandwiches for everyone. At 20.00 there will be a dinner at Restaurant Petit Bonheur. Every participant will have to pay for his or her drinks during the dinner, but the rest of the dinner will be paid by the workshop. 

General information about the workshop:  On July 18, 2022, we will have a workshop on Epistemic Game Theory to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our EPICENTER.

All participants are invited to present a paper related to epistemic game theory. But, of course, you can also participate without presenting. In particular, we encourage PhD students and young researchers to present their work. Presentations will be approximately 30 minutes, but this may depend on the number of papers we receive.

Keynote speaker:  The keynote speaker for this workshop is Giacomo Bonanno, professor at the University of California at Davis (USA). Giacomo Bonanno is well-known for his important work on the epistemic foundations of dynamic games, with a special focus on belief revision and temporal logic. He has also written a textbook on game theory, a textbook on decision theory, and a textbook on uncertainty and insurance. In 1994, he was a founder of the bi-annual conference Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory, which until this very day is one of the leading conferences on the foundations of game theory.

Title and abstract keynote presentation: Beliefs, belief revision and rationality in games

I will put forward a critique of prevalent game-theoretic solution concepts with particular focus on extensive-form games. In standard solution concepts, beliefs and belief revision policies play a central role. I will argue that many of the implicit or explicit assumptions concerning beliefs and belief revision are arbitrary and conceptually unappealing. Drawing also from the philosophical literature on suppositional and subjunctive conditionals I will discuss a number of issues that are highly relevant to games. I will conclude with an outline of a very simple theory of rationality that does not rely on the complex conceptual apparatus behind standard solution concepts.

Submissions:  If you would like to present a paper related to epistemic game theory, please send a PDF of your paper to Andrés Perea at:

The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2022. Your paper will be evaluated by our Program Committee. The members of the Program Committee can be found below. Authors will be notified whether their paper is accepted or not by June 1, 2022.

Registration:  To register for the workshop, please click here. Please register before June 10, 2022.

Registration fee:  There is a registration fee of 50 euros. Please transfer 50 euros, mentioning “Epicenter Workshop” and your nameto:

Maastricht University

IBAN: NL05 INGB 0657 6187 05, SWIFT (or BIC) code: INGBNL2A

Bank address: ING Bank, Oost-Brabant BB, Schimmelt 36, 5611 ZX Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Beneficiary address: Maastricht University, P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands

Please mention clearly “Epicenter Workshop” and your name.  Otherwise we cannot trace your payment! The fee has to be paid before June 10, 2022.

Without the payment of the registration fee, your registration is not complete.

Program Committee:  All submissions will be evaluated by our Program Committee, consisting of the following members:

Christian Bach (University of Liverpool, UK)

Bilge Başer (Mimar Sinan University at Istanbul, Turkey)

Giacomo Bonanno (University of California at Davis, USA)

Richard Bradley (London School of Economics, UK)

Joseph Halpern (Cornell University, USA)

Aviad Heifetz (The Open University of Israel)

Stephan Jagau (University of California at Irvine, USA)

Shuige Liu (Waseda University, Japan)

Andrés Perea (chair) (Maastricht University, Netherlands)

Elias Tsakas (Maastricht University, Netherlands)

Important dates:

Submission deadline: May 1, 2022

Notification of authors: June 1, 2022

Registration deadline: June 10, 2022