Andrés Perea

Game Theorist at Maastricht University


Courses on Epistemic Game Theory

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Last Updated: June 27th, 2019


EPICENTER Spring Course 2019 on Epistemic Game Theory

From July 1 until July 15, 2019, our EPICENTER will give the sixth EPICENTER Spring Course on Epistemic Game Theory at Maastricht University. More information can be found here.

You can also find the EPICENTER on Facebook now:

New book:

I am currently working on a new textbook, called "Epistemic Game Theory II: Non-Standard Games".

The purpose is to study games with incomplete information, games with unawareness, and psychological games in a unified way from an epistemic perspective.

I now completed Chapter 3, which is about Nash equilibrium and correlated equilibrium in standard games. I characterize Nash equilibrium by the notion of a simple belief hierarchy (as proposed in my first book on epistemic game theory), and characterize correlated equilibrium by the new notion of a symmetric belief hierarchy.