LOFT 2016 at Maastricht University

Our research center for Epistemic Game Theory is located at Maastricht University


Research Center in Epistemic Game Theory

Elias Tsakas, Angie Mounir, Christian Nauerz, Andrés Perea, Christian Bach

Elias Tsakas, Angie Mounir, Christian Nauerz, Andrés Perea and Christian Bach












Stephan Jagau

Stephan Jagau

Bilge Başer

Bilge Başer

Rubén Becerril

Rubén Becerril Borja








Niels Mourmans

Shuige Liu







  • Christian Bach (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, )
  • Bilge Başer (Mimar Sinan University at Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Rubén Becerril Borja (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana at México City, Mexico,
  • Stephan Jagau (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
  • Shuige Liu (Waseda University, Japan,
  • Angie Mounir (Central Bureau of Statistics at Heerlen, The Netherlands,
  • Niels Mourmans (Maastricht University, The Netherlands,
  • Christian Nauerz (Uber Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
  • Andrés Perea (Maastricht University, The Netherlands,
  • Elias Tsakas (Maastricht University, The Netherlands,


Epistemic Game Theory is a modern, blooming approach to game theory in which the reasoning of people is put at the center stage.

The EPICENTER consists of enthusiastic researchers and PhD students in Epistemic Game Theory, who work, think and discuss together. It was founded in 2010 by Andrés Perea, Elias Tsakas and Christian Bach. The EPICENTER provides a very lively environment for doing a PhD in Epistemic Game Theory, or for doing research in this beautiful area.

The EPICENTER also organizes many other activities, such as a yearly course in Epistemic Game Theory given by our own EPICENTER members, a yearly Mini Course of two days on various topics given by speakers from outside, and a reading group. We also have our own Working Paper Series. All these activities can be found on this website.